This website is intended for musicians all over the world and is an invitation to study the melody and submit new versions of Halsway. A large and diverse musical collection has already been put together here which we hope will inspire you to play the melody in your own way and inspire others.

Halsway Schottische

In October 2011, Nigel Eaton composed a melody and named it 'Halsway'. The melody was picked up by Simon Haines who had the idea of collecting as many versions of the tune as possible. His original aim was to get 100, but this has long been exceeded. Please see the submissions list. How about playing Halsway yourself and submitting it for inclusion?

Sheet music

The sheet music for learning the melody is here.

  The original sheet music: | Listen to the first version:
  Tablature for CF melodeon:
  Lyrics Halsway Carol:
  Score for quartet:
  Score for SATB choir:
  Score melodeon with second voice: